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Domain Appraisals

How much is a domain really worth?
At Sedo you can get an expert evaluation of any domain. You can trust that with the industry's largest database of sales, our professional team of Market Analysts will deliver you an accurate and scientific report.

A Domain Name Appraisal from Sedo offers you:

  • Our scientific methodology, based on academic research, evaluates your domain based on a 5-factor (Standard) or 10-factor (Premium) model of domain value.
  • The most extensive worldwide database of domain sales.
  • Every appraisal is individually researched by domain industry professionals, because no two domains are alike.
  • More than just a number or price, our appraisals are designed to impart a complete understanding of domain value, information which will affect your future decisions as well. 
Domain Appraisal

We appraise the value of your domain name based upon 5 of the most important qualitative factors.  Our Domain Appraisal includes:

  • A personalised and individual estimate of the domain name's value.    
  • The completed appraisal via Email within seven business days.
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Premium Domain Appraisal

The Premium Domain Appraisal greatly extends the level of research and analysis that your domain receives. We analyse at least 10 factors, provide a list of recent comparable sales, and give you some personalised tips on selling and marketing your domain. With our Premium Domain Appraisal you receive:

  • An expert estimate of the domain name's value.
  • A list of recent comparable sales.
  • Advanced analysis into areas such as search engine friendliness, branding potential, legal situation, possible buyers, and marketing strategy.
  • The completed Premium Domain Appraisal via Email within three business days. 
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Domain Portfolio Appraisal

Our Domain Portfolio Evaluation is the right choice if you would like to evaluate more than 50 domain names. This is the perfect valuation for bulk sales, net worth assessments, and tax purposes.

  • A personalised estimate of each domain name's value.
  • The collective value of your portfolio if sold individually and as a package.
  • The completed appraisal via Email within ten business days.

To order a Domain Portfolio Evaluation, please go to the Customer Support Centre and send us details of your domain portfolio via the Ask a Question page. Please select "Brokerage" for the Area and "Portfolio Appraisals" for the Topic.